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Shouldy™ - The Effective Shoulder Brace
Shouldy™ - The Effective Shoulder Brace
Shouldy™ - The Effective Shoulder Brace
Shouldy™ - The Effective Shoulder Brace

Shouldy™ - The Effective Shoulder Brace

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Our Shouldy™ shoulder brace supports and warms your shoulder, reducing pain and increasing freedom of movement. Enjoy all these advantages in the comforts of your own home and without the need to visit a physiotherapist.

It’s essentially a miracle cure, that can provide instant shoulder pain relief. Try it yourself and soon you can enjoy a life free of pain.


Experience instant and long term benefits:

  • Instant shoulder pain relief
  • Prevent shoulder dislocation
  • Instant shoulder support
  • More power at work
  • Invisible under your shirt

Our Shouldy™ shoulder brace is effective against:

  • Dislocated shoulder
  • AC joint injuries
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Rotator cuff injuries


Already after a few minutes of wearing you can feel a reduction of your pain.

Not only does Shouldy™ deliver instant relief, but you can see lasting results after daily usage.

Wear it at home, at work or while sleeping - thanks to its comfortable wearing comfort and invisibility, Shouldy™ is suitable for every situation!


Your shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body. Pain can have many causes, whether it is due to overstrain or even injury.

Our Shouldy™ shoulder brace offers the necessary support in all cases by using the right compression and warmth to promote the healing process and thereby reduce pain.

At the same time Shouldy™ supports your movements and is therefore perfectly suited as a little helper for physical work.

Shouldy™ is very easy to use. Simply pull it over your shoulder and you can feel the positive effect. With the adjustable strap you can also adjust the strength.


If you suffer from shoulder pain, are about to have an operation on your shoulder or have had one recently, or need support for your work, then Shouldy™ is perfect for you.

It's been designed to support your shoulder in physically demanding tasks, to give your shoulder the support it needs after or before surgery and to relieve pain caused by injury.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for shoulder pain relief!


Question: Is Shouldy™ available in different sizes?

Answer: No, one size fits all. Thanks to the adjustable strap you can adjust the size. Both men and women can wear it.

Question: Can I wear Shouldy™ while working out?

Answer: Yes, Shouldy™ is made to support your shoulder, even while working out.

Question: Is Shouldy™ washable?

Answer: Yes, you can hand wash it in warm water with mild soap. 

Question: Is Shouldy™ visible when I wear it under my shirt?

Answer: No, nobody will notice if you wear Shouldy™.

Question: Can I wear Shouldy™ while sleeping?

Answer: Yes, Shouldy™ is very comfortable and will not disturb you while sleeping.

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